Sweet Plantain

Tajacol Colombian ripe plantains are well known for their superior quality. Their smooth texture and unmistakable sweetness distinguish it from other varieties.

fruit pulp

Tajacol uses excellent quality hand-picked fruit from the best lands and tropical climates in Colombia. Country that has one of the largest varieties of fruit in the world.


The versatility of cassava allows us to have it in several presentations ranging from: Peeled and frozen to precooked and ready to serve. We recommend you try it in all our presentations.

Hass avocado

Tajacol Colombian Hass avocados are one of the most sought after varieties in the market. They are characterized by a rich creamy flesh and superior taste.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are considered a superfood, full of vitamins, nutrients and low glycemic index.

andean – Potato

Tajacol Andean Potato is unmistakable for its flavor and intense yellow color, characteristics of an exotic and gourmet product.

Green Plantain

The Tajacol Hawaiian Tostón is well known for its large size, color, soft center and crunchy outside. The Original Toston stands out thanks to its unmistakable flavor and crispness.


Our line of snacks is focused on mixing the traditional flavors found in North, Central and South America. We manufacture them using raw materials of the highest quality that allow us to preserve our traditions.