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Tajacol is a South Florida brand that began in 2011 with the idea of introducing to the market premium quality products at competitive prices. Our goal was to carry products that our customers would be proud to offer and serve. One of our main objectives was to develop products that were ready to use and minimize the preparation process. While aiming to reach that objective we also made sure that these ready to use products maintain their high nutritional value and premium quality.

Despite originating in a highly competitive market, Tajacol has been able to grow and prosper due to our quality and work ethic. Tajacol is continuously innovating premium products to cater the needs of all of its customers. We envisioned introducing products that are produced with exclusive varieties of premium produce to reach the highest quality possible. We proudly offer products taking into consideration their nutritional value as well as their flavor and quality.

Tajacol distinguishes itself by working with farmers and producers whom supply us with premium quality natural produce. Our farmers and producers are also committed to helping local workers prosper and provide them with ideal working conditions.